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Diskutiere Uncharted Lost Legacy im Reviews und Previews Forum im Bereich Playstation Games; Habe für ein englischsprachiges Forum eine kurze Kritik geschrieben, die ich hier einfach mal reinkopiere. Tolles Spiel übrigens, 10/10 und...
Habe für ein englischsprachiges Forum eine kurze Kritik geschrieben, die ich hier einfach mal reinkopiere. Tolles Spiel übrigens, 10/10 und weitaus besser als Teil 4.

I finsished the game in normal yesterday, and in my opinion there are many aspects in Lost Legacy that make it a more enjoyable experience than Uncharted 4.

I list a few:

- combat is much more tactical throughout the whole game, while it gets very narrowed in UC4's second half, which was a big pain in my ass in my second playthrough which I just completed one day before I started LL.

- the open area in LL is much bigger and also much better structured in terms of the quests that have to be accomplished. It's not big and open for the sake of it, but filled with lots of activities that I had the feeling they make more sense in the frameline of the story than the few things that had to be done in Madagascar in UC4.

- the game isn't as fragmented as UC4, it's much more coherent for my liking. The fact that it only takes place in one country instead of several might be one, but not the only reason. The timeline is much more fragmented in UC4 as well, one could see this as an advantage, but in my experience it's a bit wearing and feels quite forced in the end. As if they wanted to make it epic just for the sake of it. I like the condensed experience of LL much more actually.

- some annoying details were erased, like f.e. the dozens of leg-ups that only eated time and didn't add anything to the experience, in the contrary, somehow destroyed the flow. Then the super annoying flashlight, which became dark every now and then, and which you could only reactivate by shaking a sixaxis controller. The shaking itself was bad enough by itself, but what if you used a third party controller without sixaxis? No chance to get the flashlight lit again.

- the loot boxes don't make a big difference, but are a good idea nevertheless. The possibility to get access to f.e. better weapons and more grenades every now and then is definitely worth the time needed to open the boxes. And there are pistols with silencers in it sometimes, which add to the more tactical combat as well for sure.

- the ruby of the queen: I like this idea a lot. It's a real advantage for treasure hunters to get the alarms near any treasure. But first you have to accomplish the search for the 11 Hoysola coins in chapter four. And in case you don't like it, just disable it in the menu.

- the world in LL is mindblowingly beautiful and much more alive then it was in UC4, more birds, monkeys, elephants, fish, turtles, there's so much movement going on all the time, it's amazing.

- the characters: I have no idea if LL would work the same way with Nate and Sully instead of the ladies, but it does work very well with the latter, so no complaints here as well.

Bottom line: I enjoyed LL a lot, even a lot more than UC4 and I sincerely hope that Naughty Dog will create at least another UC in this refreshing new style. All thumbs up from my side.

Uncharted Lost Legacy

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